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About Dr Remo Parente

About Dr Remo Parente

Chiropractor and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional

Dr Remo follows therapy managment on evidenced based  principles governing Chiropractic ( musculoskeletal) ,nutrition , physical activity , self care in sleep, stress reduction and emotional health.

He runs a Lifestyle Medicine Retreat (Clinical  behavioural change and Self -Care Retreat) at the PRIORY BEECHWORTH Victoria Australia  aimed at improving health, personal performance and weight loss. 

Dr Remo has practised as a Chiropractor in the Western District and the City of Melbourne and spent several years at RMIT University as a senior clinical chiropractic educator.

In 2017 he received his Lifestyle Medicine qualifcation from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine USA. 

His special interests are musculoskeletal and lower back pain, scoliosis ,weight loss, behavioural change, health and longevity.

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